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What Is My$ocialEconomy? Why Should I Join?

My$ocialEconomy.com is about building a solid foundation for your retirement, regardless of your age, abilities and position in life.

 This Network was designed for anyone that has the desire to create a better life for themselves and their family. It is not Our Network, it is YOUR Network! A place to build relationships with other people that want to work from anywhere in the world at their own pace. No Required minimums, no required posts, videos and images, simply a network that pays you for doing what you enjoy!

 We have Eight Membership Levels available and each membership has it’s own benefit package. Each month, each membership is awarded a membership bonus based on the membership level that can be used as payment (or applied as a discount towards the membership fee).

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My $ocial Economy was designed to make making money from home easier. You don’t need to be a Technical Genius (or even ask your grandchildren for help), we are building into our network multiple ways to learn and earn while having fun doing what you enjoy on those other ‘Networks’ that only want more of your money.

For example, when you add a post on our network, you earn credits, those credits can then be used to get discounts on membership fees, auctions, and even upgrades for your membership. We even offer some of our services with an option to pay in full using credits (auction enhancement, featured listings, eLearning courses, etc…). It makes sense to provide you with reasons for generating credits by giving you multiple ways to use them and save your money.

We are building a library of video walk-throughs that will be available in the member’s area soon and these videos will also be in each individual page where they apply. So when you are ready to post your first auction, there will be a short video you can watch in the sidebar that will walk you through the process step by step. If you prefer to read the process (or print it out and follow along with it beside your keyboard, we will have the PDF’s available as a direct download at the bottom of each page.

And since we want this to be simple, we will ALWAYS welcome your input as to how we can “build it better” to make it easier for all of our members to enjoy coming here and sharing the information you find with the rest of your friends.

As for our affiliate program, for each person that uses your referral link that signs up, when they upgrade their membership, you will automatically earn an ongoing 20% commission of each recurring subscription. (Note: All commissions are paid on the fifteenth of the month following the 30 day refund period to avoid chargebacks on your account).

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