Welcome to MySocialEconomy.com

What is M$E ? Just another Social Network? Not Even Close!!!

Welcome to MySocialEconomy.com

A Social Network 

An Auction Site

A Learning Site

A Lead Generation Tool

An Affiliate Program

  • You simply register as a member, start adding posts, building groups, adding videos and share other member’s content and earn points.

    Each point has a cash value that you can use to bid on penny auctions, post advertising on our site, even get a discount for upgrading to a higher level of membership.

    Plus, any referral that uses your link to register you will earn 20% commission on any upgraded membership they choose, for as long as they are an active member.

    As an added bonus, when you refer 50 members in a single month, your commission increases to 25% and when you refer 100 members you earn 27.5% commission. (All referral counts are reset the first day of each month for the commission bonuses.)

  • Our Social Network is designed to track the number of times you share other members’ content and award you points for each share per network.

    So, when you share someone else’s post on Twitter, (for example) you would earn 5 points, the same for sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and Instagram. So sharing a single post to all those networks would earn you 30 points for doing something you would like others to do for your content.

    We keep a running total of your points and you can select to use them to get a discount on a level upgrade, post some advertising on our site, or purchase bids for penny auctions other members are running. You can even use them for Auction upgrades!

  • Our Auctions are set up for Penny auctions (where you purchase a set number of bids for a small fee), standard auctions (where the auction has a set time to expire and the highest bid is the winner), and they both also include a Buy Now option and a Hidden Reserve.

    So if you have something that you want to auction off, but want to make sure you make at least enough to pay for your time and the shipping and handling, you can set a Hidden reserve and the auction will not close until that reserve has been met or the time expires.

  • We offer an opportunity to expand your knowledge with our eLearning courses. 

    You will find courses on Web Development, Online Marketing, Work For Home Opportunities, almost anything that the members want to create an eLearning course about (including you!).

    If you know how to Crochet, for example, why not create a short Crochet eLearning course and earn some extra cash each month from the members here that want to know how to Crochet?

    Our eLearning course won’t all be about the Online marketplace and digital applications, they can also be about life skills and creating something physical that can then be sold in one of our auctions or given to someone special as a present.

    What about creating a short eLearning course sharing how your Grandmother use to make her special cake, pie or roasted Turkey?

    Creating a course is free and you earn from each person that takes your course, so invest a little time and reap continuing rewards for a single course.

  • If you are building a business, there is one thing you will always be able to put to good use. That is fresh leads for your program, membership, services or opportunity.

    This is where M$E shines, we have several apps available that will allow you to generate and collect your own leads, and most of them are already set up to integrate with several of the major autoresponder systems and services online.

    We even offer our upgraded members the ability to use or create their own personal landing page inside our network to collect even more leads and have those people connected to their own affiliate ID so when they decide to upgrade, that member will also earn the monthly commission from that referral!

    We also have public and private groups inside that allow you to fine tune your lead generation skills where everyone can promote their own program and discuss what is working and what isn’t. Members can share new tools they have found that  help improve and/or automate your LeadGen activities. They can also leave feedback on various tools and services to make sure you don’t waste your money trying something that doesn’t work as well as the sales page hype claims it to.

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